Leo K.
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We love Soup & Scoop so much! The lentil bowls are the best, and I am in love with their baklava and now their rice pudding. I got so full on 1/3 of the lentil bowl, and I feel like I'm actually nourishing my body with real food and fresh ingredients vs. getting something processed. If you're trying to eat healthy like me, definitely check it out - you won't regret it! 😋 They even have a nice sitting area outside, very nature-y! I brought my Service Dog, Sage, and the owner was very accommodating and kind! She even makes her own dog food that my dogs really love!
Jules Auty
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The best around! I always know I'm getting fresh, authentic food when I order from here, and I always walk out with more than I intended to buy because all of the food looks so good! It's a secret gem of the area. Highly recommend.
Melissa C
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I stopped in today to grab lunch and some snacks for the day and holy cow, everything that I have tried is incredible! The owner is just so lovely as well. You can tell that she cooks for you just like she cooks for her family and only with the best ingredients. I feel so good about eating here, esp since it is all so good for you! I have a lot of dietary restrictions and Soup and Scoop accommodates them all including - gluten free and dairy free which is really hard to find! A major plus is she uses real lemon for acidity, not cheap citric acid - also very hard to find for a restaurant. The chicken schwarma wrap was perfectly crispy and so much flavor, the baba ghanoush had a wonderful smoky flavor which is hard to get at restaurants, the lentil soup was so flavorful, mujadara delicious and the grape leaves wonderful as well! Straight up amazing cooking!
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Went there for lunch, ordered the meat wrap with a side of chicken lemon rice soup. It's all very good! And the garlic sauce is perfect! I look forward to returning.
Annette Weathers
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Awesome little gem of a place...wonderful Mediterranean bowls, flexible menu alterations, tons of gluten free options and the sweetest service I've seen in a while. We'll be back for sure.
Jovan Milakovic
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Food is amazing, service on point, great patio to enjoy your meal, big parking lot.
The Forever Forneys
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Hands down best Mediterranean food in Oakland county!!!! Smells delicious from the time you open the door, until you are eating and can’t stop because it’s sooo good! Thank you for the kind service and diverse menu options!! GLUTEN FREE FTW!
Pauline Usher
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They helped me with some food ideas and the food was awesome!! And the staff was very very friendly!
Rob Talbert
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Food was precooked and kept warm in crockpots, the taste was alright, but the lack of pita being included with hummus seemed out of sort compared to all the other restaurants of this type. The service was slower than I had hoped for an easy order. I will try them again, but do not have high hopes unless a lot of changes are made.
brent johnson
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I have visited a few times and have enjoyed the food but the prices are a bit high but it's tough running a restaurant so I understand. What I don't understand is why the owner leaves a tip jar out for the employees but she is the one who keeps the tips. She states that she pays them an hourly wage so they don't have to get the tips. Why am I tipping the owner if the employee took care of my order?
dakota hienz
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Very nice place! Smell of horse poo is present but easy to get used to if you are from the country or work with barn animals. The food is very delicious but the barbaque sauce is a bit spicy and doesn't taste like bbq sauce at all. The chicken tenders also taste like fish but it's still a nice place and also a nice view too! The ice cream is also very good.
Ashley Wright
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I have a gluten allergy and walking in they were very kind and helpful in pointing me in a direction of what I could eat! Which was almost their entire menue. The food was delicious and everyone was so kind. We definitely want to return
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Absolutely fantastic. The chicken shawarma was delicious, generous portion, friendly service. I regret passing this place by without stopping in until now. So many good choices: I'll be back!
Valerie Ifill
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Friendly owner and staff. Clean and Covid responsible. Multi ethnic food is yummy. Some dressings can be highly salted but ask for an alternative. Guernsey ice cream. Yum! Fast service and a nice outside eating patio. 9 out of 10 rating.
Kylee Conatser
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Everything from the customer service to the amazing decor was enough to entice me to come. After tasting the food I'm honestly very impressed. Hummus is a huge deal breaker for me sometimes, but this one was delicious. The Pierogies were so good and I can't wait to try the pastys from the UP. I hope this little soup flourishes!
Ruthie Webb
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The chicken shawarma is a must try! We also tried their deep fried falafel and it was exceptional! We will return to try the rest of the menu. We love to support small businesses and she is the real deal. She catered our entire company !!
Jocelyn Delly
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Was just there on Saturday, very friendly, great food! I wished I didn't live an hour away. I highly recommend this place!

Catering to the Diet of Every Customer

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  • Egg-free
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When it comes to Mediterranean food, it doesn’t get any better than Soup & Scoop Mediterranean Cafe in South Lyon, Michigan! We serve fresh, healthy, homemade Mediterranean favorites all week long. Come visit us today!

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